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  • Future cowboy (a note on an inspiring concept) - Slick chunk of metal with a delicate design etched within, wicked spikes fastened to precious pearls, sparkly Swarovski capping a spent .22 - you get the idea. Something that's always struck me is the idea to contrast the Frontier Days of 1800's western territory exploration
  • Off the cuff - Hello, sparkling fans!I’ve had a few cuff orders lately, and since I haven’t updated my online inventory for a while I think it’s time to let the world know there are more. Message or email me with Qs or to order.  ——Here are a few pics of the following: Brass cuffs:A. and B. Real plant imprint cuffs $90/each – one has imprint on the inside, one on the outsideC. Rose etched cuff
  • Even as we speak, envious time is running away from us. (Goodbye, AOSF gallery) - I’ve thought about that Horace line a lot in the last decade. Life is short. For the lucky folks who love it, the amount of time we have in our bodies is a cruel joke.  I’ve always been quite a curious little cat, and I want to experience as many lives as possible within my determined years. Sometimes I make major changes, such as moving from the lush gardens of performing arts
  • It’s my party - Tomorrow night is our artist reception for Kairos!It’s bittersweet to know that this show is my last big public art shabang before hiding away until our sweet little bundle of joy comes this summer. I’m still plotting new metal ideas and putting in time to fill custom work, so don’t think I’m disappearing completely. I’ll also continue to create new pieces for Artists on Santa Fe gallery. Can’t stop, won’t
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