A Mobius Strip is a Physical Twist of Reality

A Möbius strip is a physical twist of reality that bridges the gap between a two-dimensional and three-dimensional world, like, if you made a paper doll Dolly Parton.

This particular example of Möbius stripial fantasticality was made with a copper wire skeleton, silver end caps, and wire that was dyed blue with dragon’s blood. The dragon’s blood lends a deep blue color, almost as dark as the cave within which I slayed said dragon. How was I able to slay such a mighty, unrestrainedly fanciful beast? Because I WAS WEARING A MAGICAL MÖBIUS CUFF. This might cause one to wonder, “How, oh powerful Emily, did you slay a dragon by harnessing the power of dragon’s blood if you had no dragon’s blood in the first place?”

Think about it.


[Möbius cuff, sterling silver, copper, wire. Currently available at Metro State’s Center for Innovation Gallery.]

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