Baby, it’s cold outside


Like many a lady on a Friday night, I had nothing to wear to my gallery holiday party. Most of my favorite jewelry was already on display, so time, clever fingers, and a studio full of raw metal came together to accessorize me for the evening. The toughest, and best, part of making something is usually inspiration, so I dragged my space heater to my chilly bench and started to think of what I want. The answer? To be in Morocco!

I’ve always loved the intricate, geometric shapes of Islamic art and architecture, and ever since visiting Doris Duke’s unhumble abode  *Shangri-La* in Honolulu this past June, I’ve been looking for ways to incorporate it into my work. 

I present to you my Morocco collection. 

Long earrings on the left made of brass and Swarovski crystals, $60, right brass and Swarovski, sold. Keep an eye on my store for more pieces to bedazzle your holiday self.

Fun fact? According to a random site that I have no reason to believe factual, Moroccoans believe the liver, not the heart, is the source of love. Mmmm, liver

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