The hills are alive! (a mountain ring update)

You know it, you love it, and now you can afford it. Due to some clever process updates, I’m now able to offer my most famous (and infamous! watch your back, hooligans!) piece at nearly half the price.  …and in sterling silver. $98 for bronze$140 for sterling silver Allow 2 weeks for production. Available in all sizes. Shoot me an email for details:

Rollin with the ponies

For those of you who don’t already know, I’m horse crazy. I’ve been looking for ways to incorporate equestrian themes into my work without being too Old West tchotchke, and more relatable than Gucci’s golden bits and buckles.  I’m also always looking for ways to tell a story with my jewelry, and preserve a memory. A while ago I figured it out: roll horse hair imprints into metal. Armed with fists

Bangals and bangles and bangals

In honor of my two new shop assistants, I’ve decided to outline the differences between two very important things in my life: bangals and bangles. Meow, these two homonymulous words may sound alike, but I don’t think they could be much more different. To start, I received two bangals for Christmas from my wonderful husband, but I know of more than one person who was lucky enough to open an Emily Pramik

Baby, it’s cold outside

Brrr.  Like many a lady on a Friday night, I had nothing to wear to my gallery holiday party. Most of my favorite jewelry was already on display, so time, clever fingers, and a studio full of raw metal came together to accessorize me for the evening. The toughest, and best, part of making something is usually inspiration, so I dragged my space heater to my chilly bench and started

In The Midst of My Colorado Travels I’ve Come

In the midst of my Colorado travels I’ve come across many a wandering soul. Perhaps they find comfort in beaconlessness; some may not have a map to guide their weary feet, and others simply don’t have a good sense of direction. For the lattermost folk, I have invented a key to your survival. My Mountain|Compass ring may look like a simple piece of bijou perfection, or even a fierce weapon

A Mobius Strip is a Physical Twist of Reality

A Möbius strip is a physical twist of reality that bridges the gap between a two-dimensional and three-dimensional world, like, if you made a paper doll Dolly Parton. This particular example of Möbius stripial fantasticality was made with a copper wire skeleton, silver end caps, and wire that was dyed blue with dragon’s blood. The dragon’s blood lends a deep blue color, almost as dark as the cave within which

Musical Hand Bling is Back

Guess who’s back? Musical hand bling is back, with lovely aquamarine stones to liven up the un-heavy metal. Why is aquamarine so special? It’s long been associated with healing of the eyes, with the wise folks of antiquity placing ground stone powder under lids each morning to aid healing. You’re welcome to stick these beauties in your eye, but I don’t support the idea and kindly request that you purchase

Hair Armor From the Depths of Our Planet

HAIR ARMOR! From the depths of our planet came mighty Copper, an element so strong it could protect Scott’s hair from menacing bombardments of it’s evil foe: festivals. As partying and dancing ensued, the great battle began and the hair emerged victorious. It’s all thanks to this fine, articulated hairpiece designed and crafted by yours truly. What will our hero Copper save next? Stay tuned!

Ring Ring Ring Hello It’s Bohemia

**RING RING RING**Hello, it’s Bohemia! Looking to glamorize some fingers. Snake head (open ends, adjustable, great for finger tips or base) Closed (any size, great for stacking 3-6 on each finger) V (any size, pretty end-o-stack caps, stacked or all alone) Each ring is different with a hammered finish. Solid brass. $9 each or 3 for $20.

Every Color Adds Up to Paint the Canvas

Every color adds up to paint the canvas of our beautiful world, and with the extra attention on gay rights of late, I’ve decided to lend a helping hand. Half of proceeds from my Rainbows gear will go to Denver’s THE CENTER, supporting LGBT programs and advocacy in Colorado. Here’s a sweet little necklace that looks great and DOES GOOD (brass, colored wire, swarovski crystals, $30).

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