Off the cuff

Hello, sparkling fans! I’ve had a few cuff orders lately, and since I haven’t updated my online inventory for a while I think it’s time to let the world know there are more.  Message or email me with Qs or to order.  —— Here are a few pics of the following: Brass cuffs:A. and B. Real plant imprint cuffs $90/each – one has imprint on the inside, one on the outsideC.

Even as we speak, envious time is running away from us. (Goodbye, AOSF gallery)

I’ve thought about that Horace line a lot in the last decade. Life is short. For the lucky folks who love it, the amount of time we have in our bodies is a cruel joke.  I’ve always been quite a curious little cat, and I want to experience as many lives as possible within my determined years. Sometimes I make major changes, such as moving from the lush gardens of performing arts

It’s my party

Tomorrow night is our artist reception for Kairos!It’s bittersweet to know that this show is my last big public art shabang before hiding away until our sweet little bundle of joy comes this summer. I’m still plotting new metal ideas and putting in time to fill custom work, so don’t think I’m disappearing completely. I’ll also continue to create new pieces for Artists on Santa Fe gallery. Can’t stop, won’t

To market

I’ll be at the Horseshoe Market this Saturday. Come check out sparkly things! I’ll also have a selection of SALE items that I recently pulled from the gallery. Prices for jewelry are $9 up to over $150. Metalsmith Whitney Santamaria and I are sharing a booth near the Southwest corner, near East Coast Joe’s foodtruck. Horseshoe Market46th and Tennyson in DenverSaturday, May 10 from 9am to 4pm Excellent timing – the day

On Kairos

Kairos is a Greek concept of the perfect moment. When acrylic artist Patricia Finely approached me about collaborating on a show with painter Brian Popp, I was reluctant to commit at first, as I was newly pregnant and struggling with ways to rethink my approach to the very toxic art of metalsmithing, as well as adjusting to working with my changing body. After a few discussions, and our decision to

Saying goodbye

Our show starts this week! Several months of ideas, sketches, trials, and failures add up to this point. I’ve kept my focus despite several distractions, including the start of selling my work at Clementine’s Salon in the Highlands, getting ready for Horseshoe Market in Denver on May 10, oh, and CREATING A HUMAN. Although I’m looking forward to focusing on the lattermost task here soon, there’s always some separation sadness when I’m about to part

Splashing around in the muck and the mire

Sometimes you get stuck. Sometimes you get so stuck that you realize your inability to move is causing you to sink. A cascade of misfortunes starts to build, and you hit what feels like a creative rock bottom.  I recently enjoyed one such day, and it caused me to doubt everything I’d been working on for the last few months. My show at Artists on Santa Fe Gallery was a

The art of making babies

My name is Emily and I’m a six-months pregnant metalsmith.  Some days I get sick. Most days I get tired. Every day some body part I’ve never paid attention to screams out in pain, begging me to trade in my bench for my bed. Still, I hammer on. Puns and all. Other days, I’m feeling especially invincible and decide to take part in a three-person art show this coming May.

What’s at the gallery?

Here are a few pieces available at Artists on Santa Fe Gallery right now. We’re open 10-5 Monday-Friday and 10-4 on Saturday. Come say hi on First Friday this week! 747 Santa Fe Ave in Denver Can’t make it in? Send me and email and I can ship something to you. xoxo Em

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