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Secret Garden (Organics)

Emily Pramik Jewelry


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brass cuff, smooth and modern on the outside with black plant imprint inside

  • Handmade item
  • Materials: brass, patina, metal
  • Only ships to United States from Denver, Colorado.

My Secret Garden [Organics] cuffs feature satin-finish outside with your hidden secret on the inside: a real, mill-pressed piece of nature captured for your wrist. This piece is a beautiful mix of modern and boho with a vintage and organic vibe.

Wear it with: crisp white or black for a modern edge, patterns for bohemian, easily goes from casual to dressy. Can be worn with stacks of bling or carries its weight alone.

One size fits all, with enough metal flexibility to fit you. 6.5″ total length, 1″ width, 2″x2.5″ diameter. Brass looks similar to 18k gold.

Makes a great gift!



Handmade in plant-loving Colorado, USA.

Note: the cuff in the pictures is sold, and each new one is slightly different than the last. They’re all lovely and very similar, and I’ll custom make a new one with each order.

Please allow two weeks for production.

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