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Bullet Necklace .22

Emily Pramik Jewelry


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recycled gold-colored .22 casing, Swarovski crystals, gold-colored chain

Bang, bang – she shot me down. Break hearts or mend wounds with this guaranteed-to-start-a-conversation necklace.

Are you drawn to the contrast between a spent weapon and a chaste crystal? Are you into the dainty aesthetic of a tiny, recycled casing? Do you just love guns? Do you want all violence to get capped with an innocent, blingin stone?

Wear it with dark, solid colors for an edgy statement piece, or with a patterned dress to toughen up your daisy decorousness. Also looks great with jeans and a tee!

18 1/2″ brass chain that slides through a tiny brass .22 bullet casing, turquoise or white crystal, and clear Swarovski crystal detail on chain.

The chain can be shortened or lengthened free of charge – please send an email requesting something other than the standard 18 1/2″. I can make anything under 20″ free of charge.

Makes a great gift for the sweet bad-ass in your life.



Handmade in gun-totin’, peace-lovin’ Colorado, USA.


  • Materials: recycled bullet, brass chain, turquoise swarovski crystal, clear swarovski crystal, stone adhesive, gold tone wire


.22 casings are 9/16″. Some images you’ve seen may reflect longer .22 casings that I don’t have in stock. With an email sent my way requesting a longer casing, some time, and a little tracking-down I can probably find longer casings if that’s your preference.

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