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Mountain|Compass ring

Emily Pramik Jewelry


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My Mountain|Compass ring may look like a simple piece of bijou perfection, or even a fierce weapon for encounters with inner-mountain billy goats gone territorial, but the real treasure is hidden in its functionality: the ring can help you find cardinal directions.

Step 1.) Find yourself lost and in need of guidance
Step 2.) Hold the ring flat in your hand, with the mountain side pointing to the mountains
Step 3.) Locate compass notch on the opposite side of the ring
Step 4.) Rejoice: the notch points EAST

Allow 2-3 weeks for production.

All ring sizes are available. Please email me if you don’t see your size at


Handmade in the purple mountains majesty, CO.

(Please note: Steps 1-4 are unnecessary to Colorado natives. Only works on the eastern slope of Colorado with semi-clear skies.)

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