A Mobius Strip is a Physical Twist of Reality

A Möbius strip is a physical twist of reality that bridges the gap between a two-dimensional and three-dimensional world, like, if you made a paper doll Dolly Parton. This particular example of Möbius stripial fantasticality was made with a copper wire skeleton, silver end caps, and wire that was dyed blue with dragon’s blood. The dragon’s blood lends a deep blue color, almost as dark as the cave within which

Musical Hand Bling is Back

Guess who’s back? Musical hand bling is back, with lovely aquamarine stones to liven up the un-heavy metal. Why is aquamarine so special? It’s long been associated with healing of the eyes, with the wise folks of antiquity placing ground stone powder under lids each morning to aid healing. You’re welcome to stick these beauties in your eye, but I don’t support the idea and kindly request that you purchase

Hair Armor From the Depths of Our Planet

HAIR ARMOR! From the depths of our planet came mighty Copper, an element so strong it could protect Scott’s hair from menacing bombardments of it’s evil foe: festivals. As partying and dancing ensued, the great battle began and the hair emerged victorious. It’s all thanks to this fine, articulated hairpiece designed and crafted by yours truly. What will our hero Copper save next? Stay tuned!

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