Saying goodbye

Our show starts this week!

Several months of ideas, sketches, trials, and failures add up to this point. I’ve kept my focus despite several distractions, including the start of selling my work at Clementine’s Salon in the Highlands, getting ready for Horseshoe Market in Denver on May 10, oh, and CREATING A HUMAN.

Although I’m looking forward to focusing on the lattermost task here soon, there’s always some separation sadness when I’m about to part with my work. Today is my last day with a new collection of cuffs, earrings, and rings. 

There’s the fear that they’re awful, the fear they just don’t work, but mostly just a feeling of being separated from something I’ve cared about.

We spent quite some time together, with highs, lows, and everything in between, but now it’s time to say goodbye. 

I hope you each find a happy new home with someone who loves you even more than I do…

Brass and copper cuffs, from $77-$150
Silver earrings, bracelets, cuffs, and rings (not shown) from $50-$180
Gold-fill and Swarovski earrings (not shown) from $18-$52

KAIROS: see how three Colorado Artists interpret the concept of the perfect moment
May 2014
First Friday 5/2 from 6-9pm
Artist reception open to the public 5/16 from 6-9pm
Gallery open Mon-Fri 10-5pm, Sat 10-4pmArtists on Santa Fe Gallery
747 Santa Fe in Denver

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