Bangals and bangles and bangals

In honor of my two new shop assistants, I’ve decided to outline the differences between two very important things in my life: bangals and bangles.

Meow, these two homonymulous words may sound alike, but I don’t think they could be much more different. To start, I received two bangals for Christmas from my wonderful husband, but I know of more than one person who was lucky enough to open an Emily Pramik Jewelry gift last week and receive bangles. I don’t make bangals, I make bangles. Two, bangals are always soft and fuzzy and bangles are usually made out of metal, possibly with gemstones. I’ve never seen a bangal made with gemstones before. Three, bangals are way more common to cuddle with than bangles, although it can certainly be done.

There are also similarities between the two. First of all, they can both be noisy. One can jingle up against other wrist bling, and the other makes more of a mewing sound. In general, bangals are the noisier of the two. Another similarity is their ability to make a gal happy. Bangals accomplish this by their exotic cuteness, bangles with their stylish and bohemian addition to one’s arm. Bangals could also make a stylish and bohemian addition to an arm, but it would probably involve claws. Ouch.

They also both have an undeniable charm and personality to them. 
Which do you prefer?

Happy New Year from Emily, Ninja, and the new kitties

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